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Recommended Mid Range Restaurants, Cafe's and Hotels in Phnom Penh
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Recommended budget places to eat in Phnom Penh

If you are on a very tight budget and are partial to Indian food the Chi Cha Guesthouse and Restaurant is a good bet, having eaten there many times over the years and never having gotten sick I recommend this place. I'm not saying it's great but it is certainly good value.Typical meals are about $4. Next on my list in the Indian style is Sher-E Punjab, the original being located on street 130 and typical meal price is about $10, this does include free nibbles before hand to keep you busy plus as much water you can drink. Usually very good service here.

Recently a new place called The Indian Delight has opened and it is located on the riverfront near the Titanic restaurant. It is very similar to Surya Punjab in food quality, quantity and price. Although located on the riverfront it's view is the back side of the Titanic restaurant and not the river itself.

Nearby there is also a Mexican restaurant called Viva Mexican, a Pizza and RIbs place called Divine Pizza. If you like Mexican food then the Alley Cat Cafe or Sharkies can be a good option.

In the same block as Viva and the Indian delight is Devine Pizza and Ribs

Further down the riverfront with an actual view of the river are a bunch of budget places to eat in Phonm Penh. The Kandal House has built a good reputation for its food and service. It is flanked either side by competitors that offer similar fare but at which I have not eaten, I have been told the Corner restaurant is quite good as well.

Located just around the corner on 104 Street in The Cavern Pub, it is an English style pub, with an English manager, the menu is typical English fare. The venue shows live sports,especially F1 and FA Cup events as well as anything thats requested. Live music occasionaly with an open mike night on Monday, generous happy hour and a good selection of meals at a great price (about $6).


With the closure of many of the backpacker restaurants on the lakeside due to the lake being filled in and sold off to some goverments officials family members company many of the backpacker restaurants have moved down to street 172.

There are a couple of budget eateris in this area that people often talk about in this area they are The Blue Dolphin, The Noodle Shop and Last Home Guesthouse. A new addition to the street is the Sundowner.

If you are looking for the best roast dinner in Phnom Penh considir the Cavern, it's highly rated weekend roast start at only $6.95 but is better value than roast dinners twice the price.

Best Roast Dinner in Phnom Penh
Rated: 4.5 / 5 based on 20 customer reviews
From $6.95 Available during the weekend

If you would like some more information about budget restaurants recommended by expats in Phnom Penh please visit the forum on the Phnom Penh Information website. If you think your favourite budget restaurant Phnom Penh is the best please share your experience so others might benefit and I will add it to the list.



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