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Cambodia Electrical Outlets

The electricity system in Cambodia is very much a conglomeration of various plugs and sockets. The only thing consistent is that it is 220VAC and 50Hz.

Did you know that the reason some countries use 60Hz is because 60Hz is 30% more efficient than 50Hz and the reason we use 50Hz is because the French didn't like 60Hz because it didn't fit into the metric system. Makes you wonder why the French still have 24 hour days.

The type of sockets I have seen are shown below.

Simple plug adapters are available for around 50 cents US. Voltage adapters are also available, prices vary depending on the quality. Most of them being made in China are of low quality so it's better to bring your own.

Cambodia Electrical Plugs - Type ACambodia Electrical Plugs - Type B

Cambodia Electrical Plugs - Type CCambodia Electrical Plugs - Type G

If you need more information about Cambodia electrical outlets please post a question on the forum at Phnom Penh Information

Electrical outlets in Cambodia

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